Josh’s Insight on 3rd beats: Play Both Games at the Same Time

Last night Joshua Patten was coaching our practice group and said something I found helpful about third beats. It’s not just pointing at people off the backline and then shoving two different things together. It’s finding those natural touchpoints “where you can play both games at the same time.” 

So, using examples from practice last night, in a scene one kid was feeling down on himself and then, in a callback, a songbird flies on and poops on his face. Or, two characters just came out of a movie and are having an intense weird connection about horror movies and cliched phrases and then a woman comes on who in an earlier scene was fighting with the man in this present scene about cheating on her, and she outs them for their tryst but also gives her blessing, saying, “If you love something, let it go.” Edit. Cool?

(photo: forzadagro)

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