Gossip Girl visits the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. 

Myself, Benjamin Apple, and Kate Riley all make an appearance. 

Why bother calling it “UCB” if you 1) put it in a fancy loft instead of either of the real UCBs and 2) nothing funny happens? Oh, because it’s Gossip Girl! Still very nice exposure for the theater and good job by all the UCB folks who appeared. Though I think there could have been at least one in focus shot of the theater logo rather than always blurry and in the background. 

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    Check out Deckard’s Benjamin Apple on Gossip Girl playing an actor at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Benjamin, Nate Dern...
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    Why bother calling it “UCB” if you 1) put it in a fancy loft instead of either of the real UCBs and 2) nothing funny...
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    So good. So proud. Nice work, Benjamin, Kate and Nate!!
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    UCB’s famous!
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    This is all very great. Love, LOVE, Kate Riley and the quirky UCB Artistic
  7. khealywu said: This is awesome, but it was so weird that I genuinely couldn’t stand it.
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    Wow! Nate Dern made a lot of changes after I left.
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    I am incredibly jealous of my friends who got to be in this. Not because they booked this part, but because they got to...
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    role, as a “UCB player” - basically a fictionalized version of myself. You can call me Larry David.
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    That was hilarious! (I don’t get it.)
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    Look how many props TV UCB has!
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    That place is exactly as I remember it.
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    The UCB as imagined by someone who has never been to the UCB.
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