Lena Dunham’s Golden Globes Footwear

What Lena Dunham should have worn to the Golden Globes

Tuxedo top. Black pants. Chucks - perhaps sequined.

Concept For A “Girls” Backlash Sketch

Start with a an identifiable bit from the GIRLS show. Cut to execs giving notes on how to tweak the show in response to the racial backlash. “You know, more like THE WIRE,” is a phrase that will be said by an artfully mussed black haired executive named RICK. Replay the scene, now slightly more “urban.” Go through several rounds back and forth, each time the scene getting successively more “urban” until the scene is a word-for-word reenactment of THE WIRE. Button: Avon Barksdale turns and delivers direct to camera a phrase that would only be said by a character on GIRLS.

(humor credit: again, over margaritas one of the gals in Not Smith’s response to the Girls controversy was, “What, do they want it to be The Wire?” Also, I saw an improv set by Goose a couple of weeks ago where a playground sandbox fight scene became a TV show that was getting rewritten over and over to make it more like The Wire.)