There’s no way @anthonyweiner can win. @ChrisCQuinn has more Twitter followers.

Sequester? Kickstarter!

Forget the sequester, the government should just launch a kickstarter campaign.

Just one time

Just one time I’d like to see in a movie where a guy is going to try for something harder and more public and his adviser is all, “They’re going to come after you. They’re going to try to destroy you from every angle. Your past. Your family. Your lovers. Your weaknesses you don’t even know about. Your childhood hobbies. All are grist for the mill because the only way you win this is by completely annihilating your opponent.” And the first guy goes, oh, hm, actually, that sounds pretty crappy. I think I’m fine where I’m at, thank you. END OF MOVIE.

I would totally pay extra to see that in 3D.